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Criminal defense and immigration law client testimonials

Rave reviews from Salvatierra Law Group's past clients:
Our dedicated criminal defense and citizenship attorneys serve our Arizona legal clients fiercely.

Whether it be immigration or criminal defense, legal endeavors are daunting. At Salvatierra Law Group, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and compassionate legal aid to those in need. Don't take our word for it, read some rave reviews from our satisfied clients below.

I would recommend Salvatierra law group to anybody that is looking for someone that will go that extra mile to have the best outcomes with any imagration issues. Thank u so much Delia for everything that u have done for me and my family . Thank God for salvatierra law for having u on my side when I needed help.

Never Sleep
on Google

She is absolutely the best!!!! She help me out on getting my DACA back even after many other lawyers around the valley told me it was impossible to get it back !! I’m so grateful for meeting her! Definitely gave me hope to continue achieving my goals even after some bumpy mistakes! Thank you 🙏

Daniel Jimenez
on Google

We are extremely happy with your services,all the staff was amazingly professional during our case,I highly recommend this law office,thank you so much for everything,God Bless you all !

Paco Lobato
on Facebook

Geart team everybody in the office is very knowledgeable and always returns calls and questions. We had our case denied the 1st time and she fought for us and resubmit application. The process is clear and consistent from day 1 she's very clear into what she can and cannot help with won't take your $$ just for a case .. 100% recommend!

C Sanchez

Delia Salvatierra is an amazing and dedicated lawyer, she invest time in listening to her clients and working with them . She is enthusiastic in her approach and she knows her job well.
I was also fortunate to work with Mr. Gaxiola who have been extremely patient and understanding. They are the best.

Tanecia Hamilton

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Salvatierra Law Group. We have worked with Delia and her team over the last 8 years on multiple immigration matters that included many of our family members. Each case was very complex and unique. They have always responded timely and in some cases extremely fast. The outcome of each case have always been great. The entire team is professional, polite and takes the time to explain such confusing matters to us. They truly care about their clients and have treated us like family. They are the only Immigration law firm I would recommend.

Thank you Delia and team for always being there through such tough times!

Matt Browning

I want to include that overall I love the service that was provided to me since the very first day I started my process of DACA. Delia has always been so welcoming and show how much she cares. Thank you!

Even though at times I felt like I was asking too many questions Hellen always made sure she answered all my questions without hesitation. And if it was something she wasn’t sure(hardly happened) she never assumed- she always reached back out to me with an answer. The few times I had encountered with Letty as well she was attentive to any questions/concerns I had-always reassure me things will be ok and gave me the reasons why she believed things will be ok- nothing to worry about- that definitely made me feel at ease.

I hit immigration milestones thanks to Delia and her team. We have one last milestone and happy to work again with Delia and her team when that time comes

Yara Canseco

I had the utmost positive experience with Delia and Paul. They were extremely prompt on my case and communication as well. They were extremely honest but helpful in every way possible. I am so happy with the outcome and how everything was handled! They are definitely the best attorneys you will find and worth every cent!

Damaris Talamantes

I can say without question that Delia and her team at Salvatierra Law are committed to getting the best possible outcome for their clients. I had never heard of or seen an immigration attorney in Arizona or anywhere else that is well manage and focused on providing a great client experience as the people in this firm.

Delia will go above and beyond to get the best possible results and I can’t thank Delia enough for all she has done and continues to do for my family and I.

If you are in need of an attorney to handle your immigration or criminal case Salvatierra law is your team

Karen Guzman

First thing I have to say, Delia did an excellent job, in some point I got frustrated because my case was not moving but Delia took the time to explain that a lot cases was not moving during the beginning of the pandemic, Now thanks to her I got my green card approved, she definitely dedicated time and hard work to work toe to toe on my case, I want to thank my friend who referred me to her and definitely all Salvatierra office staff for the time, hard work and communication to take care of my case, thank you so much for everything DELIA!

Benjamin Bernal

Delia Salvatierra is an amazing lawyer. After
seeing a few other lawyers prior to her we
were always left with disappointment. She
was the only one that truly gave our family
hope. After 14 years we looked for a lawyer that can help with AOS since my wife is a U.S citizen and Im not. All the previous lawyers told us it was not possible. But Delia Salvatierra gave our case a chance, she told me to apply for DACA first of all to have some legal status here obviously that wasn't going to be permanent but it was a start for me. After years of being on DACA I applied for AP for family emergency and although we
were afraid because we didn't know what the outcome would be she knew she wouldn't send me if I couldn't come back. I took the chance and coming back I was able to fix AOS and Im now a resident of the United States. We are extremely grateful for all her guidance though this journey.

Marco Salinas

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